Scripting News for 12/5/07

Zune as a podcast player? 

A discussion of Zune as a podcast player has begun under the late November Casting in 2007 piece.

One response to this post.

  1. A comment is not a conversation. The software for commenting makes conversation difficult.

    There is no ability to differentiate what you have read from what you have not read. That makes returning the next day or some other future time painful.

    There is no way to refer or reply to another comment except by using the name which leaves the reader in the position of having to track back through a [possibly] long list of comments.

    Why hasn’t better software been developed to foster conversation for blogs? You could just say that everyone could write in their own blog, but that is even more difficult to track than this.

    Conversation fostering software would be a nice addition to blogs.


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