Scripting News for 12/5/2007

Club 140 

Just for fun I’m keeping track of people I follow who have posted “perfect” Twitter messages, ones that are exactly 140 characters long.

Here’s the announcement, which of course, is a perfect 140. 🙂

The number one feature request for is our own RSS feed, so of course, that’s exactly what I implemented. Everyone happy?

Lost my watch 

Lost my watch somewhere in the house, and now I wish Apple sold one.

Where is Apple’s watch.

Who makes the iPod of watches?

What’s the real story?? 

Bush and Cheney knew what was going to be in the NIE for months. That’s not a stretch. It’s completely unbelievable that they didn’t ask or weren’t told what was coming.

They tried to drum up support for a war anyway.

Hoping to rush us to war. Then the NIE would come out and they’d say that no one knew that there was no nuclear program in Iran.

The only question is why they didn’t start the bombing.

Could it be that they gave the order and the military didn’t do it?

In the meantime one has to wonder why the French president Sarkozy was saying the same things about Iran along with Cheney and Bush.

There’s a back-story we’re not hearing.

Bowling for gold 

My mom sent a news clipping about some seniors who have bowling tournaments with their Wii’s. Of course it’s on the web too, but there’s something nice about getting a clip in the mail from mom. 🙂

Zune as a podcast player? 

A discussion of Zune as a podcast player has begun under the late November Casting in 2007 piece.

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