Scripting News for 12/19/2007

CES, here we come! 

Thanks to PodTech, I’m going to CES again this year, and I’d like to see whatever it is that I should see. Suggestions please, in the comments.

I love devices that can be used for podcasting, for example something that fits in your pocket, has a battery, and wifi, and either is programmable by developers or includes a podcatcher. Is this the year of the podcatcher breakthrough?

I’m riding down on the PodTech bus with Scoble and ValerieWag and probably a lot of other coooolio bloggas (Marquis de Canta?). This time I hope to arrange my press pass in advance, and I want to meet lots of vendors who can send me review units through the year, so I don’t have to pay for all the stuff I review. (More likely so I can save my money for Uncle Steve.)

And if you’re a blogguh and you’ll be there you might want to check out the BlogHaus that PodTech is hosting 24-by-7 at CES at the Bellagio.

Let’s hope it’s not too commercial, and we can have some good meetings and schmoozes and get some great work done.

Alternate theory: If they want to be overly commercial, go for it, then every blogger should get a free 1TB Seagate drive. 🙂

Frozen peas 

Boobs on Ice: What’s with the peas?

RSS makes Google Zeitgeist this year 

This year RSS was the third-most asked-about “what is” term on Google, after love and autism.

Parking meter 

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