Scripting News for 12/26/2007

I want to know the intent of the product 

I’ve been saying this ever since I started blogging.

When you have a product to announce, start a blog (if you don’t already have one) and announce it.

Before there were blogs, I wished Infoworld or PC Week would give space to the lead developer of the product, whether he or she is a marketer or technical, even the CEO if they wouldn’t assign a former reporter or ad guy to write it, and tell us what you meant when you designed this product. Who were you thinking of and what would they do with it. And where does it go? What does 2.0 look like if it’s 1.0 or 3.0 if it’s 2.0.

I like it when people like Zuckerberg, Andreessen or Canter write a blog post that tells you without pulling any punches what the intent of the product is, in their own words. I’d like to hear what they said to the team that worked on it. I’d like to use my imagination. That’s why I don’t like Steve Jobs’ keynotes, he’s telling you what Eddie Haskell would say about the product to Mrs. Cleaver.

You never get the intent when it’s filtered by the press. And many of the people that call themselves bloggers, love them and bless them, aren’t anything like bloggers, and they’re everything like the bored hired writers that used to work at CNET and Fortune. In fact, many of them are exactly like them (because they are them). 🙂

We live in the age of DIY, that means if you have something to say, just say it.

PS: Here’s a picture of three child actors from Leave It To Beaver, taken when they’re in their fifties. From left to right, Eddie Haskell, Beaver and Wally. Time Waits for No One.

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