Scripting News for 1/29/2008

FlickrFan belongs in schools 

Lance Knobel: “I’d install FlickrFan in every middle school and high school social studies class. I guarantee it would provoke endless discussion and ensure engagement in the issues of the day.”

I totally agree. It would be great to see it at checkout lines in supermarkets and on kiosks in BART stations too.

Covering eTech in March 

I’ll be covering the eTech conference in San Diego in early March. It’s been a few years, last time I went was just before my surgery in 2002. I’ll be going as a blogger, not presenting. Many thanks to O’Reilly for approving the press pass. I look forward to catching up with many old friends.

Light posting 

I have a juicy project I’m working on, a new source of great pics for FlickrFan. In the meantime Stan Krute did a new version of the Obama poster, to the right, with the “Progress” swapped out and “Make change” in its place.

Update: Jim Posner suggested the original was better, on reflection I agree, so I switched it back.

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