Scripting News for 2/7/2008

That’s right the women are smarter 

Not sure where I heard this, but if Bill can be the first black president, then Barack can be the first woman president. 🙂

Pass it on.

This could be a nightmare 

In a year the Democrats should win the White House in a walk, we’ve got a perfect storm that could put a Republican there.

With the Republican nominee all but decided, the Democrats are split down the middle across racial, gender, economic and age lines.

So we have three parties, not two, and the Republicans are spouting the same old fear about war and security while they advocate raping the Constitution and spending us into oblivion. Four more years of spitting and swearing while our economy goes from second rate to third world.

How will this get resolved?


Alex G: “It will get resolved same way all other elections are — with Americans getting shafted in the ass.”

Paul Ding: “I think Hillary will drop out of the race long before Pennsylvania votes.”

Shall we spy on Valleywag? 

We know who they go after, but who won’t they touch and why?

It would be easy to put together a scorecard and a list of Web 2.0 luminaries who haven’t graced their pages.

We might find out who’s sleeping with the editors of Valleywag. 🙂

2 responses to this post.

  1. The Republicans are also badly split and Ron Paul may well take his $25 million in contributions and run as a Libertarian.

    He ran for president as a Libertarian before and they’ve invited him to their convention in May.

    The hard right and right libertarians detest McCain.


  2. Americans shaft themselves. They are the ones who vote. I looked in the mirror as Pogo used to say.


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