Scripting News for 2/11/2008

Scripting the iPod, day 2 

Continuing the thread from yesterday.

I got absolutely nowhere, some people suggested I use a smart playlist, missing the point that I’m a developer working on a podcatcher, not a user trying to use iTunes as a podcatcher. I’m sure it’s an excellent way to subscribe to podcasts, but I have my own ideas how podcatchers should work, and I want to integrate them with other stuff I’m working on. Integrating with iTunes is proving to be quite a challenge, or maybe it’s an art, we’ll see.

As usual Mac users are superior sumbitches. 🙂

(Quoting the James Brolin character the first time we meet him in the third season finale of The West Wing.)

Anyway, the search continues, I tried another more direct tack, and looked for glue for iTunes for UserLand, and bingo, there’s a match, from 2001, a well-known Frontier programmer Sean Elfstrom, apparently converted glue for the Sonic SoundJam app that iTunes used to be, before Apple acquired it.

I installed the glue in the OPML Editor. It’s daunting, for sure, but let’s see what I can get working.

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