Scripting News for 2/12/2008

Resolving the super-delegate issue 

Michael Markman asked his rep to support Senator Obama, because his district went for him in the Washington caucus last Saturday. The response he got is one we’ve heard frequently. What about Kennedy and Kerry, will they vote for Clinton because Massachusetts went for her?

What I said: “They’re independent questions. It’s a rhetorical trick to try to invalidate your opinion or confuse you. You want your rep to support Obama. Period. Let’s send emails to Kerry and Kennedy saying the same thing.”

In any case…

I don’t think it’s going to be such a big issue.

The remaining primaries are a referendum on the two candidates. The voters of Virginia, Maryland, DC, Wisconsin, Vermont, Rhode Island, Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, et al, will decide. Whoever they choose will be the nominee. The super-delegates who invalidate that decision do so at considerable risk. In the age of the Internet, we have excellent communication tools. There will be no way to hide such a decision. That’s what makes 2008 different.

A possible Democratic ad for the fall 

Best Buy sued for losing laptop 

A customer filed a $54 million lawsuit against Best Buy for losing an $1100 laptop she took in for service. The reason, exposure to identity theft.

It’s about time vendors were forced to recognize the value of customers’ data. I recall how the chief genius at the Apple store in Emeryville complained that they would have to eat the cost of the drive in a deal they made with the manufacturer. Someday they’ll have a clue that the data on most drives is worth far more than the hardware, and that their potential liability, if the data ends up in the hands of an identity thief, is also much greater.

Susan Kitchens: “The arrogance just takes my breath away.”

A list worth studying 

Here’s the Wikipedia list of Democratic super-delegates.

A peek behind the screen 

Jim Posner sent me a link yesterday to an MP3 of a conference call between the press and two members of the Clinton campaign. It’s really illuminating.

There are controversies the press isn’t reporting, esp betw the Clinton campaign and NBC. Will there be a debate on Feb 26 and will CNN host it or MSNBC? There’s some doubt, but you can’t see it when you watch the broadcasts.

I’d love to subscribe to a feed of these conference calls, but we only happened to stumble upon this one. This morning on MSNBC they were talking about a conference call with Hillary Clinton, they said she sounded tired. I’d like to hear that for myself.

There’s a difference in 2008, the campaign is not just being covered by the professional media, the people are doing it too. Even if we don’t have our people on the calls, I’d still like to hear them.

So, if you have an idea how we could catch a stream of these, please post a comment. Thanks.

PS: I archived the MP3 in case the link above goes bad.

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