Scripting News for 2/15/2008

I heart EyeTV 

One of the neatest gadgets I’ve bought in the last year is a high-def receiver to work with the EyeTV software. It plugs into a USB port on my Mac, and it receives digital high-def programming over the air.

I put it in my upstairs study where I’ve got a clear view of San Francisco Bay, and the reception is very very good. I get all the big networks this way, was able to record last night’s episode of Lost in full HD fidelity, for example. Just for the cost of the disk space.

And the best thing is that I get a half-dozen different PBS broadcasts. I’ve recorded somegreat stuff. My favorite so far is a special from 1967 Monterey Pop festival. Wow. So many heroes of the rock revolution when they were young and dewy. I’m watching Grace Slick and the Jefferson Airplane singing one of their classics.

I forgot how optimistic those days were.

There’s this moment where the camera moves to Mama Cass watching, studying — in awe of Janis Joplin, performing Ball And Chain. There’s art, and media, networks, and the future viewed through the lens of what’s now relatively ancient history.

Scoble wrote the other day of technology so great that it made him weep. I know the feeling. 🙂

Why Valleywag doesn’t work 

Valleywag is mostly puff pieces. I guess they’re writing about people who, for one reason or another, they don’t want to offend.

Typical of business press. Don’t screw your sources or else they’ll dry up. Don’t speak ill of Steve Jobs or else no cover picture for you.

So, it’s reasonable to conclude — if you read something unbelievably nice about someone in Valleywag, that person is a source.

Thing is, they’re reduced to attacking about five people. And the flow is miniscule. A pointer from VW is worth about 20 hits.

In other words, hire a business reporter to do VW, and you get Infoworld, about 25 years too late.

Senate roll call on FISA renewal 

President Bush is going all the way to get amnesty for the phone companies who assisted the government in what appear to be illegal wiretaps of American citizens.

The Senate, even though it’s controlled by Democrats, went with this nonsense (roll call). The House acted as a firewall, and voted for FISA renewal without amnesty. Good for them.

Among the Presidential candidates, Obama voted against amnesty (thanks), McCain voted for, as did all other Republicans, and Clinton didn’t vote, even though she was in DC and could have.

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