Scripting News for 3/7/2008

Interview with Steve Gillmor 

I thought we’d do another 15-minute interview, this time with Steve Gillmor, who does the NewsGang website and daily podcast, he’s one of the proto-podcasters, and all around wise guy.

It came out great, but it was actually 44 minutes. 🙂

Steve and I talked about developer platforms, Microsoft, Apple & Google, and Democratic Party politics.

Interview with Marc Canter 

Marc wrote a blog post after hearing Ray Ozzie’s keynote at MIX 08 in Las Vegas, giving it rave reviews.

So I wanted to hear direct from Marc why it was so great. We had a 15-minute talk about this and lots of other things.

I’m really getting into these short interview-style podcasts, doing some of them with Cinch and others with Skype, depending on where I am when I get the idea.

Dan Farber wrote up Ozzie’s keynote.

MP3 of today’s Clinton conference call 

Just got this MP3 of this morning’s conference call from the Clinton campaign, where they call for Samantha Powers to resign for calling Clinton a “monster.”

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MP3 of today’s Obama conference call 

An MP3 of today’s Obama conference call.

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If you were following me on Twitter… 

You’d know that…

New Republic: “Pennsylvania is a swing state that Democrats will almost certainly need to win in November, and Clinton will spend seven weeks and millions of dollars there making the case that Obama is unfit to set foot in the White House. You couldn’t create a more damaging scenario if you tried.”

Don’t know why I didn’t see this sooner, but the Clintons are Republics who found a way to run against other Republics.

The beauty of Samantha Power’s resignation over calling Hillary a monster is that it guarantees that the association of Hillary with that perfectly accurate word, will be smeared all over the nightly news and the front pages of every newspaper. Probably with not too flattering pictures of Hillary looking like a monster. In other words, be careful what you demand resignations over.

MikeA says only one iPhone app can run at a time. This effectively rules out a podcatcher.

I’m easy to find on Twitter.

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