Scripting News for 3/11/2008

Hillary for Republican Veep? 

You love Hillary and you love McCain.

They’re both ready from Day One to cross the threshold as Commander-In-Chief.

Isn’t it terrible that you have to choose one over the other?

Well, maybe you don’t have to choose! 🙂

PS: Vote for the new Republic dream team on Digg!

Links for 03/11/2008 

Texas caucus results won’t be available until March 29. 

Video of Ferarro on Fox News, explaining her racial comments about Obama. 

Google announces layoffs. (Not a typo.) 

ReadWriteWeb on Twine: “Feels half baked.” 

Ads should show Obama doing things, actively leading. 

Interview with Scoble 

15-minute interview with Scoble mostly about conferences and the SXSW “trainwreck” interview of Mark Zuckerberg by BusinessWeek reporter Sarah Lacy.

I have a laundry list of questions that we didn’t get to, so I want to do another basic background interview with Scoble.

Note: I had trouble with this recording, since I lowered the bitrate in Audio Hijack Pro, it produced an M4A file instead of an MP3. I had to learn how to do the conversion. It turns out that iTunes has this capability built-in.

Nicco’s site, day 2 

A commenter notes: “SonicWALL has [Nicco’s] site classified as pornography.”

It appears Google is at the root of all the trouble.

The final finale of The Wire 

It was great. Very satisfying in most ways, and predictable when it was not.

I love it when they finish something great so well.

Mazel tov!!

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