Scripting News for 3/12/2008

Olbermann special comment 

Fantastic 10-minute essay by Countdown’s Keith Olbermann about the racism of Geraldine Ferraro and how it reflects on Clinton and her supporters. Here’s the audio.

He hits all the major points, clearly, powerfully and leaves HRC a way to regain the respect of Americans for whom racial politics are unacceptable.

I would never stand by and say nothing when people tried to keep an African-American in his or her place, as the Clintons have repeatedly tried to do with Obama. It was over exactly this issue that I went with Obama, after comments made by President Clinton during the race for South Carolina.

1/24/08: “There are good reasons why the first lady (or first spouse) isn’t actively involved in running the government, so we don’t have to understand how good their marriage is, and they get a tiny bit of privacy.”

I can’t imagine any American, no matter what party they belong to, supporting the racial arrogance of Ferraro. But I go further than Olbermann, I think Clinton should return the money that Ferraro has raised, and not accept any further funds. It’s not enough to reject and denounce racism, you also must not profit from it.

Wedging the electorate 

There’s no mystery why race keeps coming up in the Democratic race, injected by the Clintons. If they can get white people to vote white and blacks to vote black, they win.

I recorded a very brief podcast on my daily walk that explains.

Twitter is not a chatroom 

When you want a chatroom, use IRC…

Links for 03/12/2008 

War in Iran before Bush leaves? 

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