Scripting News for 3/25/2008

FriendFeed API announced 

I’ve been talking with the folks at FriendFeed about APIs and such, and boy do they move fast. I got the first draft of the API spec on Friday, and today it’s out there.

Here’s the blog post announcing the API.

Glue for the OPML Editor will ship soon, delayed a bit by tomorrow’s press event at Mozilla in Mountain View.

FriendFeed will be supported in my software in all the places Pownce is.

There’s a lot of movement in the TwitterSphere these days. I was hoping that the FriendFeed API would be a clone of the Twitter API. It’s not. But it is workable and exposes features, including Payloads that are not implemented by Twitter.

Next question is how scalable FriendFeed is.

I’m going to visit with them in Mountain View tomorrow.

Exciting times! 🙂

Can’t you see? 

iPhone maintenence time 

Let’s see — I’ve had my iPhone since June 29, so that’s…

number ( () – date (“6/29/2007”)) / (60*60*24)

270 days. In that time apparently it’s been downloading all my non-spam mail from Gmail, and now periodically interrupts me to say my mailbox is 92 percent full, would I please delete some of my mail.

I finally had a minute, on the BART the other day, to look into deleting mail, and it appears to be an onerous process to do for thousands of messages. First you tap the mail message, then tap the red minus sign, then tap the Delete button. They want to be sure you’re sure (no Undo).

Problem is — I only use the Mail app to send pictures to Flickr. On the rare occasion that I want to check email on my iPhone, I just use the excellent mobile version of Gmail. So I never want the email from the Mail app.

So I guess I have two questions:

1. How to mass-delete all the mail that’s filling up 92 percent of the allocated space.

2. How to tell the mail app that I don’t want it to fetch mail. (This is probably something I’m paying a fair amount for, btw.)

Any suggestions would be most welcome. (And I suspect the iPhone Nazis out there will use this as an example of my ineptitude for years to come. Have fun!)

Bonus: The Soup Nazi from Seinfeld.

PS: I’ve tried deleting the account and adding it back. No luck. The mail is still there.

PPS: Apparently mass-delete is new with iPhone 2.0.

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