Scripting News for 4/1/2008

11 years of Scripting News 

To mark the 11th anniversary of Scripting News, here’s a pointer to docs on the software I used to edit the site.

I thought of what eventually became the weblog as a News Page, a roughly reverse chronologic list of links to news stories. Then as now I edited using the outliner in Frontier.

We made the NewsPage suite and all the other code that ran in the Frontier environment (the “Aretha” release) available in source to anyone who wanted to use it, and amazingly, a fair number of sites poppped up that more or less followed the pattern of Scripting News.

I don’t remember them all, but the most notable one (to me) was Robot Wisdom, which was managed for the first few years with this software.

There will be people who give me a hard time for writing this, but that’s their problem not mine. One of the benefits of creating something that really took off is that you get to gloat about it. 🙂

A Wimax N810 

Nokia announced a new version of the N810 handheld Linux computer designed to work over a Wimax network, which raises the obvious question, does Berkeley have Wimax? What other cities has it? What are the economics?

Podcast followup on campaign conf calls 

Here’s a podcast following up on where we’re at with getting MP3s of campaign conference calls.

Summary: It’s not looking too good.

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