Scripting News for 4/10/2008

Getting started with on a Mac 

I want to work my way through the AppEngine tutorial on I’ve got a sub-folder set up in my Documents folder that contains the Helloworld app, per the instructions. But I get an error from that indicates (I think) that it’s not finding the folder. I’ve tried every variation of changing directories and specifying paths, and keep getting the same error.

Update #1: Kevin Marks figured out the problem. Textedit was adding an invisible .txt extension on the file. I wrote a script to remove the extension and got past that problem. Now I’m getting a syntax error on the Python file.

Update #2: It’s Unix, the line-end char has to be \n.

Update #3: 🙂

Update #4: Screen shot of the app dashboard.

Doc’s brush with mortality 

A couple of evenings ago I got a call from Nicco Mele, who now lives in Boston with his lovely wife Morra Aarons, and is my partner on the Sunday Gang podcast (we’re planning another this week). Nicco had just come from visiting with Doc Searls in Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, MA, where Doc was having a blood clot in his lung examined and treated.

I spoke with Doc the next morning, to listen him tell the story and to provide whatever inspiration I could. Doc’s illness, while not requiring the surgery that mine required almost six years ago, was just as serious. I didn’t say anything to anyone, but now Doc is writing about it, and he’s doing a great job of explaining the process.

I’m glad he’s getting out and moving around. He’s picked a fantastic time of year to do it, spring is just starting up in the Boston area. Working can wait. Get that blood flowing Doc. I hope to take a walk with you soon. 🙂

Why I didn’t delete my Twitter account 

Hugh MacLeod is a great idea provocateur.

Today he explains why he deleted his Twitter account.

I love social experiments, and this one is a doozy. There were certain things I found unappealing about Twitter. I didn’t like the way a few people were using it. Rather than nuke the whole garden, I just got out the shovel and shears and did some digging and pruning. Cut back a limb here and there, and all of a sudden Twitter works a lot better. For me.

I didn’t delete my Twitter account and I don’t plan to because Twitter is a lab where we’re creating the next network. As long as I’m still diggin I’m going to want to keep creating.

But I respect Hugh, and he is part of Twitter even as he withdraws from Twitter.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Dan Guy on April 11, 2008 at 8:18 am

    Hugh can’t prune back his twitter forrest because it’s entirely composed of noisy trees like Scoble. If he pruned it back there wouldn’t be anything left.


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