Scripting News for 4/15/2008

A little help? 

I woke up the other day motivated to learn XCode 3.0 and make some small improvements to the OPML Editor. I want to add a few verbs that make it easier to monitor object databases that grow large. I would have put these features in years ago if I knew that this would be the big hassle in keeping a server-side OPML app running.

So I tried getting it to compile, but the Mac headers are a moving target and now there are lots of warnings about things being deprecated (these obviously aren’t deal-stoppers) but there are also errors.

It’s been a long time since I worked in C on the Mac, so I thought I’d ask for help. If you’re a Mac developer and have a few spare cycles, what changes are necessary to get the project to build?

The source code is here.

Any help would be much appreciated. 🙂

Links for 04/15/2008 

Gallup daily tracking poll: Obama 51%, Clinton 40%. 

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