Scripting News for 4/18/2008

Why I say I’m a blogger 

There’s been some confusion about why I tell company reps, when I’m pretty sure I’m going to write up the experience, that I’m a blogger. I say it because I would want to know, if I were in their shoes, that what I was saying was going to be reported publicly. It’s the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

For example, I said it to Edgar, the Comcast rep who threatened to cut me off and refused to put it in writing.

I also included the fact that I told him, and his response, in the report, because I want my readers to know that he knew he was on the record. I also want to influence other bloggers. People have a right to know when they’re speaking publicly and when it’s private.

Some people have suggested that this means that I’m wrong for believing that the other person might care, or thinking that they should. Well, I haven’t said that I thought they would care, in fact, I’ve never had a company rep say it made a difference, they always say it doesn’t, and have never seen it actually make a difference in the treatment I get.

Now, if you ask me should they care, I would say yes.

One of the reasons I believe in blogging is that it can reform business, giving power to the users, where we were powerless before. If I didn’t have a blog what could I have done to get Comcast to pay attention? Tell my friends and relatives? Sure, they know that isn’t very powerful. But when any customer could also be a publisher, well that does change things. This new power to publish can help us all get a better deal.

These days I never make a purchasing decision without looking on the Internet to see what other people’s experience has been. I’ve had people tell me that when I write positively about a product, they buy it. I’ve also heard people say that if I’ve had a bad experience, they don’t.

And I don’t think it just applies to business. I think it will eventually get us better political leadership, it might even that effect this year.

Comcast is down again 

For the third time in three days, my Comcast service is out.

I’m posting this using my EVDO modem.

The first time it was deliberate. The second time they say it was natural. I’ll let you know what it is this time.

I’ve twitted comcastcares.

Cable TV seems to be out too.

PS: These are the first outages I’ve had in almost 2 years living in this house.

PPS: 11:30AM it’s back up.

Barack flips off Hillary! 

Okay my inner-8-year-old really likes this one! 🙂

Here’s a YouTube video of Obama speaking yesterday.

At 1 minute 20 seconds in, while he’s talking about Hillary Clinton, he scratches his cheek, and instead of using his index finger, he flips her off.


Links for 04/18/2008 

NakedJen is featured in a NY Times article about people who write about divorces on blogs. 

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