Scripting News for 4/25/2008

Wright interview in audio 

I was able to watch the Wright interview on adamdeyong’s Slingbox in Newport News, Virginia.

I recorded it, but now the video is available on the PBS website, and the audio is at the link below.

Thanks for this very excellent program!

Tonight’s news 

Bill Moyers Journal this evening will have Rev Wright as his guest, and it won’t be broadcast in the Bay Area until 10PM Pacific. It will air at 6PM Pacific on WGBH in Boston.

This of course is a major news event, spinning will start on the web in real time, as it airs. This happens when ABC runs a debate, they hold the broadcast as if it were a sitcom, for three hours, when they should give it the same treatment they give a sports event. People on the west coast, such as yours truly, are not able to be part of the online event as it unfolds. Imho these events should be broadcast simultaneously around the world, and repeated if necessary.

We need at least audio access to the interview while it’s being aired on the east coast, and ideally an MP3 to distribute via BitTorrent starting roughly at 7PM Pacific.

Would anyone on the east coast like to help out? Please post a comment if so.

Given that it’s PBS, the program may be available on the web at the same time it airs on the east coast. If you have any information about that, it would be much appreciated.


There might be two or three people who can use this tool.

I’m one of them, that’s why I developed it. 🙂

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