Scripting News for 5/1/2008

Interesting meeting today 

I had a chance meeting with some people today who wanted to talk about bringing fiber to Berkeley. There’s an idea that it could be done in a very Berkeley way, which is to say, the city owns it, and the service providers can tap in, but they don’t get to dictate terms, as we know many of them like to do. I don’t know how exactly I got enlisted, but I guess we’ve got enough Internet celebs in Berkeley to maybe get this done right, politically. Not sure what comes next, but it sure is interesting.

Speaking of Berkeley celebs, I tentatively have a podcast interview with George Lakoff tomorrow.

Snicker snicker heh 

Twitter broken? 

It’s been hard to get through to Twitter today.

Calls through the API fail.

Most accesses to the site get an internal server error.

Nothing about it on the Twitter blog.


Happy RSS Awareness Day!! 

Everyone should be aware of RSS today.

Tomorrow? It’s probably okay not to be aware of RSS tomorrow, but there’s no law that says you have to forget.

But today — be aware!

PS: You can vote up RSS Awareness Day on Digg. Help people become more aware of awareness! It’s deep.

PPS: Wouldn’t it be great if Obama said, in one of his stump speeches today, that it’s RSS Awareness Day and I just want y’all to know I’m aware of RSS and you should be too.

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