Scripting News for 5/6/2008

Gary, Indiana 

By popular request, my ode to Gary, Indiana — the town that is turning the world upside down tonight.

Japanese Twitter has ads 

Gotta admit Twitter has interesting bugs! A few minutes ago, while tracking election returns (Obama wins NC yesss!) all of a sudden the Twitter UI changed to Japanese.

Then we started getting ads.

Here’s one with a Toyota ad.

So much for not having a business model! 🙂

IRC for Indiana/North Carolina 

I started a chatroom for tomorrow’s primaries.


Please join if you want the firehose conversation! 🙂

Breaking news on Twitter 

Read this post from John Borthwick, my partner in Switch-A-Bit.

Breaking news covered by a loosely coupled ad hoc group of Twitterlings.

Update: Reuters was watching too. 🙂

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