Scripting News for 5/14/2008

Edwards endorses Obama 

And fucking Twitter is fucking down.


$1000 reward 

See also: Interview with Nicco Mele, the man behind the $1000 reward.

Seesmic and Disqus sittin in a tree 

I like video comments, didn’t think I would but I do. I think people are more responsible and throughtful when their words are backed by their voice and face.

So when Daniel at Disqus and Loic at Seesmic asked if I would let them use Scripting News as one of the places they rolled out their new partnership I said Yes and I would be honored (I said it weeeth ze Franch agzent).

I thought they were going to roll it out at 11AM Eastern, but I see Fred Wilson has already posted on it.

We already have some video comments (Scoble was first, of course, followed by Steve Garfield) so here we go, a new era in conversational blogging.

And congrats to the good folk at Disqus and Seesmic for making this a reality.

PS: A disadvantage of video comments — it’s hard to hear them in a crowded terminal waiting for a plane to Boston. 🙂

PPS: Why do people talk so quietly when they’re leaving video comments? Sounds like they don’t want to wake someone up.

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