Scripting News for 5/23/2008

Her political career is over 

This time Hillary Clinton has gone too far.

Strike 1. Positioning Barack Obama as the black candidate after the South Carolina primary.

Strike 2. Refusing to say Obama is Christian, not Muslim.

Strike 3. Saying white voters go with her, in desperation, after the Indiana and North Carolina primaries.

Strike 4. Suggesting she should stay in the race because Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in 1968.

Too much benefit of the doubt. Bringing assassination into political discourse as an “issue” is too much.

Hillary Clinton is a sophisticated, calculating politician. She doesn’t make accidental statements, and has in no way earned the benefit of the doubt. Her explanation is a non-explanation. Her retraction was not a retraction, and she was nowhere in the neighborhood of an apology

Screwing around with life and death is over the top.

Earlier today I posted on Twitter that it was inevitable that she would be on the ticket with Obama. Once again I forgot how awful this person is. It won’t happen again.

Update: MP3 of Keith Olbermann’s special comment on Countdown tonight.

Monitoring Twitter’s down-ness 

I’ve been thinking about writing an app that would check Twitter every ten minutes to see if it’s down or up, and track it over time. Today, being a particularly bad day for Twitter, I had a bit of time to actually write the app.

Screen shot.

When it’s been running for a few days I’ll put up a report page. Hopefully it’ll be up more than it’s down.

I twitted it on FriendFeed.

Update: A site that monitored Twitter uptime in 2007.

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