Scripting News for 5/28/2008

From the Mind of Hugh 

An open source Twitter client? 

There have been a lot of back-channel conversations about the future of Twitter, and one subject that keeps coming up (I keep bringing it up actually) is the need for a Twitter client that isn’t aligned with any commercial interest. One that, by design, is meant to serve users and users only. I think it’s time to start a public discussion about this, not sure if there’s interest among developers — this isn’t something I’d write myself. The only way to find out is to ask. 🙂

Jury duty 

I got called for jury duty in Oakland.

They have wifi here but it’s $5.95 per day.

Can you imagine, here we are doing our civic duty, taxpayers all of us, and they want us to pay to get online. It’s a crime I tell you! Put me on a jury to decide this and I’ll vote to convict. 🙂

I served on a jury in 1996 and wrote up the experience.

Update at 10AM: They called the first group, I was not in it. Is this good news or bad? (I’d rather not serve this time.)

Update at 10:30AM: I’m in the second group. Here we go. But we don’t have to be here until 1PM. So now what? Oy.

Update at 10:45AM: All the group 3 people were excused. Envy.

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