Scripting News for 6/4/2008

New York is Hillary Country 

When I arrived NY in mid-May, I asked the cab driver, a black man, who he voted for in the primary. He said Hillary. Of course, I thought. He said everyone in NY likes Hillary.

When I bought the NY Times today, thinking it would be a MEN WALK ON MOON type historic banner headline, I should have known they would play down the history of it, and play up the Hillary of it.

Click on the pic above to get the full extent of the Times’ (lack of) historic perspective.

PS: The Chicago Tribune sees the history. šŸ™‚

Yahoo Address Book API 

This looks interesting, making a note here because I want to come back to this.

Is anyone building on it? If so, how’s it going?

Why gas is so expensive 

We’re sending all the dollars we can print to China.

What do you think they buy with the dollars?

1. Cars.

2. Highways.

3. Gasoline.

4. Inflation (for us).

BTW, the Chinese “still live in an $80 per barrel oil environment,” (thanks to government subsidies).

PS: This was inspired by a thread started by Steve Rubel on FriendFeed.

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