Scripting News for 6/9/2008

Who owns your comments? 

Last week, in the rush of news and new features in, I got an email from Daniel Ha, the guy who develops Disqus, the commenting software we use at Scripting News.

I say “we” because it very literally is a we thing. When you place a comment on my blog, you’re adding something to the record here, but you’re also adding to the library of your written work.

So the question is: “Who owns the comment?”

I gave it some thought, before reading Daniel’s essay — and I decided that it’s a mutual thing. I own the collection of comments on my blog, and you own the comments you’ve placed on my blog and all others. I should be able to back up a complete set of comments on my blog, and also back up a copy of all comments I’ve placed on all blogs.

Technically it’s not easy or even possible in most contexts, but with Disqus it certainly is.

Then I read Daniel’s piece and found that he more or less came to the same conclusion.

Breaking news: There are crazy people on the Internet 

I loved the headline on this Salon piece so much I had to retweet it. And I’d add — this article explains why the only people who pay attention to right-wing bloggers these days are other right-wing bloggers. In 2004 they beat Kerry by being the crabby bastard idiots of the Internet. Time for a new schtick, we figured that one out. 🙂

Not live-blogging the SteveNote 

I’m probably the only one who isn’t. 🙂

And I’m probably going to have to buy a new iPhone later today, I have no idea.

In the meantime it’s really upsetting watching all the geek journos scrambling for scraps.

Which raises a simple question.

1. Why don’t they broadcast Apple keynotes on MSNBC or CNN? All this makeshift jury-rigged michegas. It was cute for a while, but this has been going on for 25 years!

Of course someone must be live-screening it via Qik or somesuch. If you know of any please post a comment here.

Yahoo Live has over 2700 viewers. The quality sucks.

I’m watching another one that so far has pretty good quality, so sorry I’m not going to advertise a link. 😦

No I’m not going to pay-per-view for an infomercial! Geez Louise. What is it about Apple that inspires such insipid submission.

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