Scripting News for 6/12/2008

Caught in Comcast’s gears 

Another Comcast user is nabbed for using too much of their service (top tenth of one percent). He doesn’t use Twitter so he doesn’t know how to get a human being in the loop. Hopefully this post will do the job.

They still have Nazis running customer service at Comcast. They really need to take a look at how they treat their customers. One of these days the customers are going to start caring and might even have choices.

Picture of the day 

Now remind me, how many trillions have we borrowed to install and prop up the guy on the right?

And what were we told about people who talk to the guy on the left? (And they’re doing more than talking, aren’t they?)

Ask Bush or Lieberman what they see here.

What’s the prize for “winning” in Iraq? 🙂

I’d love to hear the story.

It’s like a Rorschach test.

Have some fun…

Put a thought balloon over Ahmadinejad’s head.

What’s he thinking?

MP3 of Olbermann’s special comment 

Here’s an MP3 of Keith Olbermann’s special comment tonight to John McCain, re getting out of Iraq.

Top-5 stories on 

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