Scripting News for 6/18/2008

AP mess, day 3 

I spoke with Jim Kennedy at AP this afternoon and talked about the controversy over how bloggers should link to and use information published by the AP. I asked him to look at one of my sites to tell me if it was infringing, and he said it was not, which should put to rest some of the concerns that bloggers have expressed. Please listen to this podcast to get an idea of what happened, and where I think we should go from here.

NewsJunk on Facebook! 

Facebook is the 8th way to follow NewsJunk.

Reddit goes open source 

A very welcome development, as I’ve written here earlier, I am interested in one-off special micro-community news voting systems.

I wonder how easy it is to install your own Reddit? Any user experiences would be welcome.

$99 for 500GB at Amazon 

I subscribe to a feed of top electronic products at Amazon. In my River of News aggregagtor, I see a few products showing up every day, most are repeats and I have most of them, or competitive products, or have no interest in some (not many, I love electronic toys).

Today a very interesting product came along, not because of its features, rather because of its price. $99 for a Seagate 500GB external. That’s a very nice price, it seems to me, so I twitted it, and found out that you can get competitive drives even cheaper elsewhere.

It must be a closeout, who would buy a 500GB drive when you could get a 1TB drive? No matter, it’s a milestone. I still remember paying $10K for a 10MB Corvus drive for my Apple II in 1979. 🙂

PS: I figured out why they called it Amazon. Because wasn’t available?

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