Scripting News for 6/20/2008

Newsweek poll results 

I don’t generally report polls here, but this one is too stunning not to report. The link came to us via, it’s currently the top item on NewsJunk, but it hasn’t been reported yet on CNN or MSNBC.

The Newsweek numbers: Obama 51%, McCain 36%.

As they say on Newsweek — he got his bounce. 🙂

A note to Obama supporters, of whom I am one, it isn’t over until there’s an election and that won’t happen until November. But this could be the big turning point.

Update from Doc Searls 

Doc says he’s not being courageous, just fighting for his life in a Boston hospital and blogging the whole thing, trusting the universe that everything’s going to work out. Good news, it is! He’s sucking ice chips and may get out as soon as Sunday. Keep on truckin big dude. 🙂

Heat wave 

It’s not usually this hot in Berkeley.

Four or five days like this a year. Whew. Hard to stay cool. Not used to this.

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