Scripting News for 6/23/2008

I may have found Scoble’s hook 

Heh. I’ve been wondering when Scoble would discover NewsJunk. I think today I finally baited the hook, dropped the line, and he took the bait. Maybe! 🙂

I’ve been deliberately not trying to get my “friends” in Silicon Valley to write about my new offering because I want to see how well they pick up on things outside their own Beltway. I love these guys, Om, Arrington, Scoble, Gillmor, but I want to earn my flow, not be given it. I think NewsJunk is good enough for them to care about it all on its own, not as some kind of favor to me.

Now here’s how I baited Scoble…

I was tuned in to his QikCast of his panel at PDF in NY, and heard him say that Memeorandum was the fastest way to get breaking political news just like Techmeme in the tech blogosphere. I posted a twit, disagreeing, I don’t think Memeorandum is good at fast-breaking news, it has a 24-hour cycle, and top stories tend to stick there for the full cycle, keeping other less phenomenal stories that we see quickly in NewsJunk from showing up there at all.

Sometimes they show up 24 hours after they happen! That’s just not good enough for news in a political year. That’s why we started NewsJunk — to scratch the itch that Nicco and I (and many others) had. We tried to imagine the news system that Chuck Todd deserved, or Joe Trippi, David Axelrod, Josh Marshall or even Barack Obama himself. (McCain, only being “aware” of the Internet is not in a position to use it).

The theory being that if it’s good enough for a pro, it would also be good enough for a schmuck like me.

And Nicco is a pro. Not in Silicon Valley but inside the Beltway. And he’s my buddy, and a programmer (he led the tech team at Dean For America in 2004).

So I hope it also works for Scoble.

Remember Scoble? That’s who this story is about. 🙂

Scoble said to me he gets most of his news from Summize and FriendFeed.


Now you gotta know that we designed NewsJunk in the post-Twitter world, and we use this stuff, seriously, so of course you can get NewsJunk in FriendFeed.

And what do you think Summize summizes? Twitter!

We supported Twitter on Day One.

We got you covered Scoble old dude! question 

I’ve started to use recently, as part of the editorial flow for NewsJunk, and it’s making me think of ways of integrating the two.

Now, I understand how I can get an RSS feed out of, the question is — how do I get one in?

I want all the stories that show up in the NewsJunk feed to become one of my bookmarks on, much as they flow through to FriendFeed.

Is there a way to do this?

Update: From the comments it’s very clear they don’t have the feature. I’m not going to write a script, it was only of passing interest, in no way is it mission critical. The functionality is already in FriendFeed. I just thought there might be an easy way to provide NewJunk headlines to people through Thanks for all the great advice! 🙂

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