Scripting News for 7/17/2008

Checking out the Asus 

Here are the photos from the unboxing of my new Asus.

I like it — it’s fun getting a new tech toy.

Most irritating thing about it is the way the trackpad works. Hesitating while positioning the cursor is interpreted as a click. This has already resulted in wrong information being transmitted to Netflix, the default name being given to the computer (something really convoluted). I have to figure out how to turn this off or it’s going to screw with my using all the other computers I use.

On FriendFeed, Kevin Tofel suggested looking for a Trackpad control panel. I did, but…

1. There is no Trackpad control panel, and no Trackpad settings in the Mouse CP. 2. There is a feature called ClickLock, which appears to be the cause of this horrible feature. 3. However it was not checked by default. 4. I checked it and chose Settings and set the delay to the longest possible value. 5. Seems to have fixed the problem. 6. As usual in Windows, you have to lie to make it work properly.

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