Scripting News for 7/25/2008

Nice to get support from the Guardian 

We’re all on our own when a BigCo decides to throw its weight at us, but being a well-read blogger has its advantages, esp when a columnist at a big newspaper believes you. Thanks to Charles Arthur for the air cover. Contrast this to the NY Times piece that describes bloggers as “complaining” and makes Comcast out to be a hero. The Times didn’t do their homework, giving them the benefit of the doubt. Eliason isn’t empowered to circumvent Comcast’s native hostility to its customers.

Note: This time it wasn’t about FlickrFan, as Arthur says, I had scaled down my home use of it. That was the cause of the first deliberate Comcast outage. This time it was probably because I was backing up lots of content from on local hard drives and had made some mistakes and had to download stuff twice. Lots of gigabytes up there, I’ve done a fair amount of podcasting over the years.

The disruption caused by the outage is over, thanks in part to the fact that I planned for it, and had backup TV service and Internet service from DirecTV and AT&T respectively. I was able to configure the SlingBox to work with with DirecTV and now I have John McCain giving a speech on my second monitor (the sound is turned off, he’s hard to listen to). The only difference is the image of a DirecTV remote control instead of one from Comcast. I also have to learn the new channels.

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