Scripting News for 8/2/2008

Playing the race card 

Obama plays the race card when he takes the stage. Look at his face. He’s an African-American. There’s the race card. Can’t be hidden. It’s right there. Next issue.

PS: When McCain takes the stage he plays the “age card.”

PPS: When McCain says he has more experience than Obama he’s playing the age card.

PPPS: Don’t forget he’s playing the Bush card and Republican card.

PPPPS: And the veteran card.

PPPPPS: And other times the ridiculous old fart card.

PPPPPPS: I almost forgot. When McCain shows up the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant card is being played.

Make some of your own 

Scoop Nisker said, famously: If you don’t like the news, go out and make some of your own.

That could be the anthem of blogging. With the tools so cheap, there’s no reason to sit around grousing that you don’t like the way the news is reported. You can always be a reporter. What’s stopping you?

Duncan Riley points out something obvious, TechMeme is skewed toward TechCrunch. I agree. It’s completely observable.

At the moment he has a story that should be #1 on TechMeme, in his humble opinion. It would be if it were written by a TechCrunch person (which Riley used to be, he ought to know). No doubt.

BTW, other sites have the same story. I first heard about it on

This is a problem!

The solution is to “make some of your own.”

It would be a simple matter to write a program that regularly reads 20 or 30 blogs, aggregates and ranks the stories they’re linking to and publishes the result. It’s so simple it should be done.

I predict that if the combination of TechCrunch/TechMeme is Coke, this aggregation would become Pepsi. And once that happened, there would be a lot of grousing about how this new thing misses important stories, and we’re off to the races!

Such an effort would certainly give Gabe an incentive to broaden the perspective of TechMeme, which would be a good thing, imho, for everyone.

Update 9AM: Duncan’s piece appears on TechMeme.

Is this Rocketboom 2.0? 

If so sign me up! 🙂

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