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Why “MacBook” is a weak name

Had an interesting talk with Phil Torrone this afternoon, wide-ranging, about a press room for bloggers, OPML projects we will do together (more on those topics later), and why MacBook was a bad name.

He explained why people don’t like the name. Here was their chance, once and for all, to make a statement that wasn’t “Mac” at all. By going to Intel, they could have claimed, in a clever way perhaps, to have erased the final objection anyone might have to using this computer. They could have a new position, instead of the snotty one they chose.

They could have said something like “Finally, a PC that’s colorful and fun to use.” That’s what I feel a Mac is, compared to a Windows machine, which is relatively joyless. MacBook is a weak name. It says “More or less what we were shipping before.” Totally unexciting.

Twas the Night Before MacWorld…

“Twas the night before MacWorld, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse!”

This is kind of a big day for me, and an even bigger day for a young (nameless) friend of mine, because we’re both likely to get new laptops before the end of the week, if Santa brings us new faster smaller and cooler computers from the fruit company in the South Bay.

It’s my first “Jobs Keynote” since returning to the fold, believe it or not it’s been over 20 years since I sat in the auditorium at Flint Center and watched Young Steve (we’re the same age, btw) unveil the Computer For The Rest of Us. He lifted the curtain and it said, simply — Hello.

I suppose I might have come back to the Mac long before, had Apple not turned its back on WebStar users in favor of Apache. A unique culture was flushed because the gods at Apple didn’t know it existed. This is why the Internet as a platform is so valuable, because it’s the platform without a platform vendor. I stayed with Windows, using it as an Internet user would, not using the Office Suite, or any software other than my own, an email client, a web browser, a paint program. Today I use more than that, on my two Macs, one a powerful dual-CPU desktop honker and the other a white, rugged, slow laptop. The funny thing is I can see the obsolescence in both, I have already, in my mind, bought their replacements, and I like it. I like paying money for things that give me pleasure. But in the back of all that is the fear that they’ll do it again, and wipe out something I love, because they didn’t know it existed.

I suppose Christmas breaks your heart too.

“The children were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads.”

10:52AM Pacific: Looks like the keynote is over. I’m not interested in an iMac desktop, and I’m not going to rush to buy one of the new laptops. What else? Sure sounds like they plan to dump the non-Intel apps pretty soon. Scary stuff. I should ignore Steve Jobs and just use the machine. I really don’t like his style. So commercial, so arrogant. Mac isn’t that much better than Windows, the software is more colorful, and the viruses haven’t hit the Mac yet, he really shouldn’t gloat so much. I don’t like it and I give him a lot of money. That’s the same old shit, to Apple it’s some kind of privilege to give them money. Yuck. After all these years I guess I still don’t like the guy. Sorry.