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Niall and I are heading over to SixApart

Matt Mullenweg wouldn’t come out to play, so Niall and I are going over to SixApart to get WordPress.root working with Movable Type. Hehe.

This a demo of the software I is talking about.

Berkeley Bloggers Dinner, Jan 26

Let’s have a blogger’s dinner in Berkeley on Thursday, January 26, 7PM.

We got the place, Taste of the Himalayas, 1700 Shattuck Ave.

It’s a big restaurant and probably can accomodate up to 20 to 25 people, we can have a loud conversation or two. I’ve eaten there many times, the food is good and not too expensive. Nepalese food is a lot like Indian. Lots of curries, sauces, some spicy stuff, rice.

Anyone can come, no RSVP required although it would be appreciated. Include a bit about yourself in a comment here.

Maybe we’ll make this a semi-regular thing?

Let’s have fun!

PS: It’s five easy blocks from the Downtown Berkeley BART station.

PPS: When you arrive say you’re with the “Blogger” party. 🙂

Thursday night geek dinner in Cambridge

January 5, 7PM, Cambridgeside Galleria food court.

We’ll have to get some kind of flag to wave so people can find us. Maybe we’ll launch a flare every fifteen minutes?

Lots of room, different kinds of food, wifi. Let’s call this a Seattle-style geek dinner, because this is the style they do there.

Please RSVP in a comment below.

See you Thursday!

Geek dinner in Cambridge Thursday night?

Random thoughts about a geek dinner in Cambridge on Thursday night.

Maybe we should do it party-style?

Maybe we can get a room somewhere, and have Bombay Club cater it.

$20 a head?

The lesson of the dinner in Palo Alto, and every other dinner before is that you miss serendipity, finding out there were people there you really wanted to meet, only after seeing the Flickr account of the dinner, and then it’s too late.

Better to have a mingling atmosphere. Like a food court.

Hmmm. Maybe the food court down at the Galleria?

You know which one I’m talking about?


I’d love to do something at MIT.

We’ve always been doing these things at Harvard.

How about branching out?

Anyone at MIT want to help us get a room?

Let’s try a new formula!

I’ll be in Cambridge, January 2-7

I’ll be in Cambridge, January 2-7; staying near MIT, visiting friends, doing business. Maybe we should do a geek dinner or a classroom-style discussion?

Weather for Cambridge. Google map. Yahoo map. Subway map.