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Since WordPress is open source…

I sent an email to Matt Mullenweg the other day and then I realized I sent it to the wrong place. It should be posted publicly so anyone who knows how to work on WordPress and can write production-level code, high enough quality so it could be included in the main distribution, could see it.

Here’s what I wrote to Matt.

  Matt, following up on our conversation on Thurs, I’m interested in developing a strong connection betw the OPML Editor and WordPress.
  Here’s how it works — there are lots of elements of a weblog that are editable by outlines. The hierarchy of categories, blogroll, templates, blog posts, the about page, all can be edited as outlines. The blogging tool built into the editor already has these connections, implemented with a very simple back-end. It’s not actually very much work, even though it may seem it is, and in fact the architecture would simplify your code (I’ve written five or six blogging tools over the years).
  I’d like to phase out of running a back-end. I can’t do the development in WordPress, but I am happy to provide guidance…

So what do you think?