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Niall and I are heading over to SixApart

Matt Mullenweg wouldn’t come out to play, so Niall and I are going over to SixApart to get WordPress.root working with Movable Type. Hehe.

This a demo of the software I is talking about.

wordPress.root version 0.3

0. How to install.

  Launch the OPML Editor.
  Choose Update opml.root from the File menu in the OPML Editor app.
  Then follow the instructions on the support site to download and install the new wordPress.root, and
  Come back here to review the change notes, following.

1. New icons from Steve Kirks. Done.

  With help from members of the community.
  Thanks Steve, and everyone who helped.

2. Category support. Works.

  How it works.
  1. Choose Get Categories from the WordPress sub-menu of the Tools menu.
  2. Create a post or place the cursor on an existing post in the workspace.
  3. Right-click. Choose a category from the menu.
  4. Click on Save.
  You can skip the Get Categories part if the categories haven’t changed.
  You can add or delete categories through the Dashboard interface on your WordPress site. Click on Manage then Categories.
  Note, this is a complicated feature, so I’m not marking it Done yet, it works here, but I want to hear from a few users before I declare it Done.

3. View button. Done.

4. Indentation. Done.

  When you indent in the outliner, it’s reflected by indentation in the blog post.
  Tried several methods before settling (once again) on the table method.
  Using blockquote wasn’t satisfactory, WordPress has a nice style sheet defined for that, that doesn’t even indent. They’re doing the right thing of course.
  And as usual, the default styling for ordered and unordered HTML lists looks terrible, uneven vertical spacing.
  The table method looks great.

5. Now you can create posts by pressing the return key. Done.

  If you save a post that was created this way, it automatically adds the attributes to the top-level headline.

6. Run text through the glossary. Done.

  This is probably something new to most OPML Editor users.
  The idea is that you can teach the editor to substitute strings in “quotes” with arbitrary HTML text. Jump to user.html.glossary for some examples. You can edit that table, add your own stuff, delete our stuff. Matt Neuburg has a nice explanation from his Frontier website tutorial. Below is a picture of Gandhi, which I entered by typing “gandhi”.

7. Before releasing todo

  Clean out references to appkey.
  Release metaWeblog.getCategories. Done.

Screen shot