About Dave Winer

I’ve been a blogger as long as there’s been such a thing, starting in 1996 with a blog around a project I was doing at HotWired, where I was a contributing editor.

I’ve been credited with developing or co-developing many popular Internet technologies, including RSS, OPML, XML-RPC, SOAP. I’ve been a software developer since the mid-late 70s, having worked on outliners, presentations software, scripting, content management and blogging tools.

I’ve been a lead developer, company executive, board member, investor, editor, research fellow and blogger.

Dave Winer
Berkeley, California
June 2006

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  1. […] I found out late last week while on vacation that I would be speaking on an RSS panel this week.  Now this is a topic that I am very familiar with but given the uncertainty of what may be asked I started digging around for all I can find on RSS.  As you might expect I started with Dave Winer, the father of RSS, and went on from there.  As you would expect there are differing opinions in where RSS is headed.  What is amazing is that how current the conversation seems to stay, which I suppose simply illustrates how big RSS is/will be. […]


  2. […] Other great mobile blogging tools – recently, Dave Winer, considered by many as the father of blogging, has introduced a web-based mobile blogging tool that allows anyone to write and (this is key) edit blog posts using a mobile device. […]


  3. Posted by Mike on November 17, 2006 at 11:16 am

    I saw some of your blog entries on wireless power. Just wondering if you know any good conferences and trade shows I can attend. Mike


  4. Fix your site. I cannot read it in Firefox.


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