Scripting News for 9/28/2006

Podshow raises another $15 million. Oy. 

JC: “What on earth Podshow is going to do with almost $25M in funding is anyone’s guess, but it’s not going to end well I can tell you that.” 

In other earth-shaking economic news, I bought a couple of chairs today. And a table. 🙂 

New header graphic, taken in the living room at my old house in Woodside, CA. 

Interview with Ann Greenberg on the future of media.  

Now that Facebook is open, I have joined, and also started a group for Scripting News readers. Let’s have fun! 

Here’s a perfect description of the MacBook shutdown problem. It appears a lot of Mac users are dealing with this, yet there has been no public acknowledgment from Apple. The symptoms are now very well-known. It doesn’t cure itself, it only gets worse. I’ve reverted to using my Sony Vaio, which is really hard on my eyes. The MacBook shuts down so frequently, it’s become useless.  

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  1. Posted by Herb on September 28, 2006 at 6:59 am

    “there has been no public acknowledgment from Apple”

    Have you seen ?

    I was surprised when you said that an Apple store tech didn’t know about the problem, that (admittedly sparse) tech note has been around for about a month.


  2. Yes, I’ve seen that.

    You call *that* public acknowledgment??

    People cut Apple an enormous amount of slack, that’s nice, but how about some appreciation for their customers.

    Imagine a car manufacturer who had a new product that stopped in the middle of traffic. It just stops. The trip you’re taking is over, you’re sent back home, immediately, with no warning. Everything you were doing is gone.

    Okay, suppose it happens to one person. That’s life, shit happens.

    But what happens if it’s a defect in the design of the product?

    They ought to treat issues like this as a dry run for the day when they don’t get a free pass on these kinds of basic performance issues.

    They know the product doesn’t work. What are they doing about it? That cryptic post on a random page (how would an average user be expected to find that) is not enough.


  3. I have a Compaq PersarioV2000 and a couple months into owning it there was a problem with it overheating easily and shutting down while I was in the middle of something. However, I just got on online chat with tech support and after 5 minutes they told me they had an updated BIOS that would fix the problem. After that they sent me a transcript of the chat so that I would know exactly what had transpired. Never had the problem since.

    It seems to me (on the outside) that Apple really takes its customers for granted. I could be completely wrong, but are they looking at their branding and fanatical following and saying “We can produce anything and they’ll blindly follow!” ? The strange thing is, I know people that would buy macs even if their quality, etc went down the drain just because they identify themselves so much with it.

    I hope that is not the case and that Apple is committed to producing a quality product beyond being aesthetically pleasing. We all know they make the “coolest” products. Hopefully they are as dedicated to customer service.


  4. Posted by idiot on September 28, 2006 at 8:42 am

    Stop whining about your macbook and let apple fix it! The vast majority of Macbooks work fine. Mine had the same problem as yours, I sent it to Apple, they fixed it, end of story. Get over yourself.


  5. Posted by Herb on September 28, 2006 at 10:05 am

    “You call *that* public acknowledgment?”

    Well, it’s on a publicly available website, and it documents the “existence of something” so yeah, I’d call that public acknowledgment. 😉

    Good luck on your repairs.

    BTW, I personally *do* tend to give Apple some (but not a lot of) slack because every time I’ve had an issue with an Apple product, they’ve resolved the issue (and then some). YMMV of course.


  6. Posted by Solo on September 28, 2006 at 10:54 am

    Some thoughts on getting cut while on the bleeding edge of new tech/Why to go with mature revs of tech products:

    I regard all of the tech producers as shifty, even when I like looking in the window at their wares. Consider the rev A of any product for suckers only.

    Market forces seem to collude in this promotion of crapola features over sturdiness and simplicity in hardware.

    They all sacrifice usability for selling points/glitzy horseshit and hardly anyone can tell the difference. (Alot of OS X is actually great for its NON shiny side.)

    When laptops are as reliable as a legal notepad (except that make an omlette for you just the way you like…) call me! In the meantime your complaints about the new MacBooks are largely justified, Apple’s support is NOT up to the Nordstroms’ level that Guy Kawasaki used to evangelize for AND I am typing this on my 6 year old G3 Powerbook still going strong.

    (And I am lusting after a “MacBook Nano” of course!!)


  7. BTW, this is the kind of behavior I’m talking about:

    “Stop whining about your macbook and let apple fix it! The vast majority of Macbooks work fine. Mine had the same problem as yours, I sent it to Apple, they fixed it, end of story. Get over yourself.”

    So this genius stops by and blows up on you because you are ticked off that a product that you purchased isn’t working *as it should*.If you’d paid $50 for it, then I’d understand his sentiment. However, at the prices that Apple charges for their products, this mentality is rediculous and it certainly doesn’t help the Mac community in the long run.

    Haha, I just can’t get over that guys statement. Wow, this guy is definitely religious(not a knock on religion, just on the extremity of some belief systems).


  8. Posted by Daniel Abrams on September 28, 2006 at 11:41 am


    Send the laptop back. Apple will fedex you a very nice box to ship it back, and will fedex the repaired machine back to you. Usually the turn around time is a few days. Yes, its a pain in the butt to lose your machine, but Apple does a reasonable job of making it as painless as possible. Or drop it off at the Apple store if you prefer. It sucks that machines (especially laptops) break as often as they do, but it’s true of all manufacturers. Apart from the hassle of losing the machine for a few days, I have always found Apple’s repair process to be easy and professional.


  9. Posted by Phil on September 28, 2006 at 4:05 pm

    The fault isn’t inherent in the Macbook’s design otherwise there would be millions of people complaining. It just wouldn’t be tolerated, not just by Apple, but by trading standards. It would be illegal for Apple to sell at this point.

    Sure, there was a batch of crappy builds of the Macbook. Sure, Apple say ring them up and they’ll service it. Sure, its annoying. But it isn’t some great conspiracy that Apple are trying to screw their customers and hide their faults. They’ve admitted it, and are offering service. You need it announced in a worldwide press release because it happened to you and hundred / two hundred vocal ppl?

    Geez, no customer base, not even those of the blogging kind, is that important.


  10. You asked how to specify a dir with spaces. Put quotes around the directory you are trying to access.


  11. Just a note on a(nother) possible Macbook design problem. My one month old Macbook started cracking near the edge of the right hand palmrest just above the irda. I took it in to the local Apple store and they replaced it not before “the genius” lectured me on how they wouldn’t replace it in the future because such damage would only occur because of an impact of some sort. Never mind that the laptop was not dropped or has zero signs of anything even remotely indicative of any “impact”.

    I bit my tongue because after all it was being replaced but after having purchased 3 powerbooks, an iBook, and this Macbook in the last 5 years (and not forgetting my two Mac SEs, a Quadra, a 840AV, and a PowerMac G3 in the basement) I didn’t appreciate some snot faced “genius” telling me how I care for my laptop or any other machine. I love this company and its products but they can make do without the attitude, at least at the genius bar level.

    In any case, watch out for that palm rest!
    *end rant*


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