Scripting News for 5/11/2007

Today’s links 

Happy 40th birthday to Nick Bradbury. He was born in the spring before the Summer of Love.

NY Times: “Bonds’s impending achievement would normally have the sport in a congratulatory frenzy, except that many fans view Bonds’s ascendancy as the signature event of the ignominious steroids era.”

Two-word comment: “If Only.”

Wired on results from Alexa on traffic at various blogs. At least they’re honest when they say it’s link-baiting. 🙂

Mike Shaver: “Why wouldn’t you choose the web, given its record and power and openness?”

Great BBQ in Berkeley 

Marc Canter will love this place if he doesn’t already know about it. Wonderful home-style BBQ, all varieties. Been there twice so far, we’ve had baby back ribs, brisket and North Carolina-style pulled pork. All of it very well prepared, lean, very tasty. The hot sauce isn’t too hot. The side dishes are prepared authentically. We had collard greens and cauliflower last night. At the table next to us, they had corn bread and macaroni. It’s going to be a regular. Easy to get to, off the Gillman St exit of I-80.

Theodore Roosevelt 

Retraction & apology 

A couple of days ago, in documenting a misquote in a Business Week article, I theorized that the misquote was a result of “empty throwaway words that fill up all Business Week articles.”

While the theory accurately reflects my state of mind, which is all it purported to do, it’s unfair to say all Business Week articles contain this kind of misquote, or even most. I should have said that some Business Week articles do.

I apologize for this mistake. I believe they care about the quality of their publication, it was unfair to imply that they don’t.

The last movie I saw in a theater 

A few weeks ago I got a new sound system for my home theater. It makes a huge difference in the experience. I’ve been going back and watching old favorites to see what they’re like now that the sound is better than the picture. I haven’t found a way to describe in words how much richer it is.

My screen isn’t as big as the screens in theaters, but the quality is much higher, and I sit 8 feet from the screen so in effect my screen is bigger.

Then early this week, went to see SpiderMan 3 at the AMC Bay Street, a relatively new theater, which should have the latest screening equipment. The movie had just come out, so it seems the print should be in good shape. This is the first time I’ve been to a theater seen since upgrading my sound system, and while I had always been impressed with the sound at theaters in the past, this time I was surprised to hear how bad their system is. The one I have at home is thrilling, theirs is mushy. And the film had all kinds of defects that I never would have noticed before, but now I’m spoiled by HD. However, even normal movies that I screen at home from an ordinary DVD are better quality than what they show at a theater. I wonder why?

One reason I mention this is to point out, in my own humble way, an opportunity for the movie industry, to turn theaters into fantastic movie-viewing venues, with the best equipment, cranked up for maximum effect. Honestly, I think they’re going to have to do that to compete with the equipment that’s making its way into the home these days. Sure I spent a fair amount of money on my setup, but if there’s one thing we know for sure, the prices in home electronics go down very quickly these days.

7 responses to this post.

  1. Dave, how are you controling your Mac Mini from your couch ? Mac Bluetooth mice and keyboard, Power Glove 🙂 ?


  2. Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.


  3. Dave, thanks for the followup on the unconference story post. I regret that the magazine misrepresented how you feel about unconferences. While I’m sure this was unintentional on the writer’s part, it’s nonetheless important for you to call it out and for us to acknowledge it.

    See you at the next *real* unconference, I hope. The one last year in SF was great.


  4. At home we recently had a new sound system installed as well as a nice big flat screen. We had been watching King Kong quite a bit when people came around to show off the setup cause it has some pretty fierce action scenes.

    Watching the movie without sound (we had to for a few days waiting on a new part) is a completely different experience. CG which previously looked incredible, looks out of place and obviously not part of the scene. Sound is so important.

    I wonder if the AMC Cinema you go to has any digital cinema theatres. When I saw Bond at the D-Cinema screen in Leiscester Square I was completely blown away. I only see CG movies in digital cinemas.

    You’re right about the equipment in theatres. I’ll be putting up a 12 foot screen at home in the next few weeks, with an HD projector. Will it mean I go to the cinema less? I’m not sure yet.


  5. i heard spiderman 3 sucked; and that is why it was released overseas first, to garuntee revenue; it got two thumbs down…i was hopping it would be good too, i liked 1 & 2.

    as for BBQ, like you Dave, I’m southern, Biloxi. To me, anything in the bay area trying to be authentic southern food just turns out not to be very good to me. These people don’t even know how to cook grits; but if you call it polenta and charge extra, they’ll eat it up. The next time I’m in Berekley I’ll try it out. We have a couple of good ones in San Francisco, but, I wouldn’t brag about them.



  6. Posted by Jeffrey Jones on May 12, 2007 at 2:17 pm

    Hi Dave,

    For great theater experience, you need several things.

    1. Quality equipment.

    2. Physical environment – Good acoustics, proper seating arrangement, screen size, etc.

    3. Properly calibrated video & sound.

    If you have not had a professional video & audio calibration done, you may be able to get even more performance from your system. The built-in systems for audio calibration can do an adequate job, but an ISF/HAA certified tech can probably maximize the experience for you. TV’s are calibrated from the factory to create a specific “look” in the dealer showroom, to generate sales, not for accurate reproduction of the movie.

    ISF –
    HAA –


  7. Posted by Henk Doornbos on May 13, 2007 at 6:12 am

    Hi Dave,

    What kind of sound system you have?



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