Scripting News for 4/12/2006

Early release of glue that connects the OPML Editor and Amazon S3. This is the basic support required for app development, to enable desktop apps to connect to S3, and workalikes. There are no end-user features in this release. It’s a collaboration with Les Orchard, and builds on Andre Radke’s crypto extension, first released in 1996. (How time flies!) 

Reminder: It’s a beach day… somewhere! 🙂 

Here’s a guy who picked up on yesterday’s lucky scoop. Amazing how slow things are sometimes, like a delayed reaction. I expect people will actually notice that there’s something new in, hmmm, maybe 10 hours or something like that? I can’t figure this stuff out anymore.  

I’m going to NYC in a few hours. To prepare, I’ve downloaded the entire archive of Rocketbooms, every single one, and copied them onto my 60GB video iPod. And to share the fun, I’ve uploaded one of my favorites for all you to download via BitTorrent from Amazon S3. 🙂 

Matt Mower says the rational way to back up a weblog is a combination of RSS and OPML. Makes sense to me. Lisa Williams wants to put all of that on a keychain drive.  

Three years ago today: “Everyone I knew at KnowNow is now somewhere else, so I don’t really know anyone at KnowNow, now.” 

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