Scripting News for 4/18/2006

4PM Pacific, arrived safely back in Berkeley, in a manner of speaking. On the flight back I read Seymour Hersh’s article in the New Yorker about the US plan to attack Iran. I was only peripherally aware of this. Is it possible that we’re really going to bomb Iran, and even crazier, that we’re going to use nuclear weapons. How many Americans are aware of this? Why did Andrew Card resign as Chief of Staff? Why are they reorganizing the White House now? Perhaps people are resigning because they don’t support this absolutely insane idea.  

Doc Searls notes that the great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 happened 100 years ago this morning.  

Sitting in the lounge at Gate 8, Terminal 8 at JFK, with excellent wifi that cost me $6.95, thre’s a guy talking on his cellphone, yelling at some poor clerical person at American Airlines about how they left his luggage sitting in front of the counter for 20 minutes after he checked in. His wife is making eye contact with everyone, sort of shrugging as if there’s nothing she can do about her companion. It would be a breach of protocol for me to talk to him, but if I could, I would tell him that there is no security at US airports. The routine we go through would never catch a terrorist device, they do it just to keep us traveling, to provide the users with some small comfort. He’s been ranting about this for at least a half hour. Hope he’s having fun. Me, I’m carrying on my luggage. I want to have lunch in SF at the other end of this flight and don’t want to wait at baggage claim. BTW, the weather in NYC is great. This is the best time of year on the east coast. Everything is in bloom. It’s as pretty as California is all summer long.  

Paolo: “Who is reading all these weblogs?” 

Rex Hammock on the Pulitzer for the Times-Picayune. It’s the first time a blog has been so-honored. (In the weeks following Katrina the T-P operated as a weblog.) 

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  1. Posted by scott jackson on April 18, 2006 at 6:25 am

    “The Future of Journalism as Told by Hilaire Belloc in 1918

    NYT OP-ED ::check it out


  2. Posted by Elle on April 18, 2006 at 7:03 am


    Most people don’t realize the degree to which airport security is pretend. I’ve heard some people mention that the screening that is done is ineffectual; people can take on 12″ long steel knitting needles, scissors, coffee cups full of explosives or a piano-wire garotte in a dental-floss container.

    What’s not so obvious, though, is the fact that many of the 2nd string airports are only secured during the day. Travel to these airports after 8 or 9 in the evening and you’ll probably find that there’s no security at all. Once the last flight for the day leaves, the frisking, scanning and checking is done, and the “secured” areas of these airports are wide open for anybody to walk into, and stash things in the bathroom, lockers, etc. Think Sollozzo in Godfather Pt I. And since the mid-size airports connect with the biggest airports, it would be trivial for someone to sneak anything they want into any airport in the country.

    It’s the pretense of it all that makes it so bothersome. I wouldn’t mind arriving early, getting frisked or being limited in what I can do at airports if it wasn’t all so ineffectual.

    It’s clear that the “security” we have in place currently is only what was needed to ensure that the average traveller was comfortable flying again.


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