Scripting News for 10/8/2006

NY Times: “North Korea became the eighth country in history, and arguably the most unstable and most dangerous, to join the club of nuclear weapons states.” 

CNN: North Korea claims nuclear test. “North Korea on Monday claimed it has performed a successful nuclear test, according to that country’s official Korean Central News Agency.” 

NY Times: “In the final weeks of this bruising campaign, the debate, in many ways, comes down to this: What would happen if the Democrats win?” 

56% are fooled by this bluff, but I’d be surprised if any readers of this site get the wrong answer.  

Interesting report by Mike Arrington on his talk at the Online News Association. Sounds like things have changed quite a bit since I spoke there a couple of years ago. Back then they were quite interested in blogging, and I didn’t hold back on my opinions. It’s hard to be sure exactly what Arrington said, but it sounds more or less like what I said.  

I went for a demo today of Cinegrid. It’s pretty awesome. 

Movie of Yoda at Lucas taken today. 

Jason Calacanis: “I’d really love to hear what smart folks like Seth Godin, Fred Wilson, Adam Curry, Mark Cuban, Esther Dyson, John Battelle, Cory Doctorow, Xeni Jardin, Rafat Ali, Joseph Jaffe, Brian Alvey, Kevin Rose, Tim O’Reilly, Doc Searls, Jeff Jarvis, Steve Rubel, Dan Gillmor, and Nick Denton think of covert marketing coming to the blogosphere.” 

What about… Conferences that charge speakers to speak without disclosing it to the audience? 

Mike Arrington: “I’m willing to pay for guaranteed quality and download speeds (neither are available via bittorent) if there is no DRM on music. And I’d much rather pay for DRM-free music than get copy protected music for free.” 

I’m not going to vote for Schwarzenegger for Governor, but I really enjoyed something he said in last night’s debate with the Democratic candidate, Phil Angelides. At the point where the candidates were allowed to ask the other guy a question, the Governor asked Angelides what was the funniest moment so far in his campaign. You had to laugh, he asked his opponent a friendly question. How unusual in American politics. How un-Republican. You know, that one question undid all the ads the Dems are running with him campaigning for George W Bush in 2004.  

5 responses to this post.

  1. I got a whole bunch of old feed items in today’s feed (or, rather, Google Reader got them). These items seem to date from around 2000 or so, and either have no links or broken links. Reader is dating them as if they were from today.


  2. Posted by Tim King on October 8, 2006 at 4:23 pm

    Re: The old feeds, I started getting them last night. They also appear in Bloglines, Earthlink reader, and my local feeds from Thunderbird. Pretty confusing until I figured out they were old – Dave was talking about the stock markets, VCs, referencing a Jakob Nielsen from 2000, and a new Manilla feature!


  3. Posted by Diego on October 8, 2006 at 4:43 pm

    Mike is also willing to pay the dodgy Allofmp3 web site for his music.


  4. Followup: Today (October 14th), I saw a bunch of old items again, this time from March 2005 (The rebublican stuff had me going there for a moment, because it seemed a bit more topical). Something screwy is going on here.

    Dave, are you running an ‘experiment’ on us?


  5. Hmm. No response. Starting to look more like an experiment.


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